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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Gideon Town Planning recently hosted Ryan Mathews (Senior Relationship Credit Manager - ANZ) and Adam Bray (Senior Valuer – Opteon) as part of the UDIA’s Banking and Valuations ‘Heads Up’ series.

Ryan Mathews presented on the evolving trends of property finance and how ANZ, as one of the Big Four Australian banks, deals with these challenging conditions. The key points raised in this presentation include:

1. A changing financial landscape 

  • Increased regulation 

  • Stricter capital requirements in place 

2. Small developments are becoming increasingly funded by non-banks 

  • Fees, interest rates and LVR’s are higher Understanding who you are dealing with when financing your projects.

As the Senior Valuer for Opteon in Central Queensland, Adam Bray provided a high-level summary of the current market update in the region and the valuation process. The key points raised in this presentation included:

1. Residential property valuations factors 

  • Location 

  • Dwelling characteristics 

  • Land 

  • Comparability with local sales data 

2. Outlining the various risk ratings 

3. Market update for CQ: 

  • Increase in median rents 

  • Annual median prices have remained stable 

  • Sale volumes have increased 

  • Confidence is returning to the property market 

  • Vacancy rates have continued to decrease 

  • Mortgagee possessions have slowed across all CQ areas

For more information about the 'Heads Up' series, please call us on 0402 066 532.

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