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If you’re after supportive, open, switched-on, professional development-planners to guide and support you with your project, you’re in the right place.

Reap the benefits of our expertise as respected professionals in the planning and development sector in Central Queensland – to fast-track your project. We understand your needs because we’ve managed hundreds of successful development approvals for our clients.


Residential, industrial, retail, rural, commercial, transport, specialist-projects, you name it, we enable it. From start to finish. Our clients are individuals, business owners and property-developers who need all-manner of planning-expertise and access to our professional planning discipline.

Our exceptional working relationships with private, local and state government agencies will give your project the edge. We bring an in-depth understanding of planning-legislation and development-assessment to your project, backed-up by a wide-range of experience in local and state government roles. 

We have a genuine focus on your needs for your project; we work alongside you right through the process. That’s why Gideon Town Planning will create and implement exceptional outcomes for your project. So, you can get on with your life and genuinely enjoy your project!

Wherever your site, whatever you have in mind, we will:

  • identify the best opportunities for your site from the word go

  • work right with you to develop your ideas, create solutions and manage your risk

  • provide due-diligence and preliminary advice about your approval prospects

  • give crucial cost and timing advice

  • prepare, lodge and manage your application through to approval stage

  • give you expert advice on any project matter 

Seek our expertise with your project? Start with a free initial consultation so we can sort out where you need to go from here. 

   Meet the Team 


Gideon brings drive, dedication, and a decade of Central Queensland planning experience, to your project. 

Gideon’s open, highly-consultative approach offers a different perspective to town planning. You and your project come first, so the result is successful personalised development-project outcomes.

Gideon’s exceptional working relationship with private, local and state government agencies will give your project the edge. His extensive experience as a development-consultant is underpinned by his sound knowledge of planning legislation and development assessments, gleaned from his previous roles in local and state government.

He is well-versed in tackling the constraints of complex sites, Material Change of Use for high-impact industries, community engagement, and risk-management – for any scale of project. Gideon is an expert in navigating legislation and understanding the fundamentals of major-project and infrastructure delivery.

Gideon injects passion and professionalism into his projects to ensure they are delivered with excellence, on time and within budget. 

Gideon Genade
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